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Our Story

The most diverse of the living land plants. A model of adaptation, it has existed for millenia. Delicate fronds and deep roots characterize this exquisite emblem in the cipher of the world. Our emblem, a symbol of endurance throughout time.

There are moments in time when events, people and effects converge for what seems a predestined cause. The creation and launch of RENNA in 2004 seems to define that rare occurrence. Great art begins at home. In keeping with this belief, this American-born company borrows from the materials most readily at hand, discovering new applications and fusing them with classic inspiration. This is where RENNA begins. The minds and hearts behind the products are experienced, talented and driven. They combine their formidable experience to create some of the most sensibly beautiful products seen in decades.

The founders established RENNA based on a shared passion for their work and a commitment to building a successful American Company which creates the products that it sells. They share a commitment to maintaining American innovation. This is an essential element to the company's ideal; to invest in American culture during a time when manufacturers and artisans within the United States have been de-valued or lost. True inspiration is driven by the care taken and the use we make of the given surroundings; the beauty entrusted to our hands.

Thank you for your interest in RENNA and appreciation of American Artisans.